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Legoxi.com is a vibrant online store specializing in unique Lego games and sets. The store is operated by Trinbow.com, a company owned by Yacin Achahboun. Trinbow.com is a registered business located in the United States under the name TRINBOW LLC. It was registered on 2023-05-31 and has an EIN Number of 37-2097021. In order to meet the needs of Lego enthusiasts, we are constantly upgrading and optimizing our products and want to offer the best selection. We strictly control every process and strive to deliver the best quality products to you.



LEGOXI encourages open-ended play to spark children’s imagination, fostering curiosity and transforming the ordinary into extraordinary through creativity.


We focus on inventiveness by blending logical thinking with playfulness, essential for generating valuable, surprising ideas.


Enjoyment at LEGOXI comes from shared adventures and the joy of creating something new, balancing challenges with skill and progress.


We promote learning through play, emphasizing curiosity, experimentation, and collaboration to expand both thinking and skills.


LEGOXI is committed to positively impacting children’s lives and supporting our community, always going the extra mile because we care.


Our pursuit of excellence is evident in our high-quality play materials and the trust we earn, continually striving to serve our community better.

These streamlined values highlight LEGOXI’s dedication to fostering creativity, joy, learning, and quality in everything we do.




LEGOXI A Privately Held, Family-Owned Company

LEGOXI Foundation

The LEGOXI Foundation shares a mission with LEGOXI Group: to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow. Our foundation focuses on redefining play and reimagining learning. By “redefining play,” we aim to transform perceptions about the critical role of play in education, highlighting its immense value in equipping children for the future. We leverage the transformative power of play to enhance learning outcomes for millions of children globally.


our promises

Founded in 2020 by Nassima, LEGOXI emerged with innovative interlocking blocks, rapidly becoming a beacon for creative play. We prioritize relentless innovation, superior quality, and fun discovery, ensuring each set meets high standards of safety and enjoyment. Our mission is to unite a global community through creativity, inspiring builders and dreamers everywhere.



Nassima’s top management includes an Executive Leadership Team composed of 7 key members, alongside a Board of Directors.